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What's the difference between Ketamine and Spravato?

Spravato is Esketamine.  Without getting too technical some drugs exist as mirror images of each other called an "S" and "R" form.  Jansen removed all the "R" form to create "S"Ketamine or Esketamine which is the same thing as Spravato (all these drugs have different names... it gets very confusing).

So why should I chose one over the other?

This is a complicated question and comes down to science and circumstance.

  1. Route of administration:

    1. Spravato is administered by nasal inhalation.

    2. Ketamine can be given by inhalation too, however we prefer to deliver by IV.

  2. Cost:​​

    1. IV Ketamine is private pay and not covered by insurance.

    2. Spravato is covered by most insurances.

  3. Treatment length:

    1. Spravato starts twice weekly for 4 weeks, then moves to once weekly ongoing (if you and your provider feel you are ready to have treatment once weekly).
    2. Ketamine is 6 sessions over two to three week period with boosters if needed.
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