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Is Spravato Treatment Right For Me?


While esketamine is only FDA approved for Treatment Resistant Depression and Major Depression with Suicidal Ideations many providers use esketamine off-label to treat Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, OCD, Bipolar Depression, Substance Use Disorders, and Eating disorders.  Esketamine treatment is also helpful during times of acute stress including bereavement, loss, or existential crises.

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First Do No Harm:


  1. Spravato can increase blood pressure so if you struggle with uncontrolled hypertension or any condition where an elevated blood pressure could be dangerous then Spravato is not a good choice for you. 

    1. Conditions include history of stroke or aneurysm. 

    2. Cardiac conditions.

  2. Spravato can also worsen psychotic symptoms in those struggling with schizophrenia.

  3. Spravato can effect thyroid function so any hyper or hypothyroidism should be under control prior to treatment.

  4. Caution with history of substance use.  

    1. Ideally detox is completed and no active substance use present. 

  5. If you have had a bad reaction to ketamine or esketamine in the past it is a good idea to steer clear in the future!​

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